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For the past 30 years it has been my joy and privilege to help individuals and groups to relax, gain perspective and balance, overcome fears and learn techniques that improve life and give us control. This work has include NHS anxiety management groups and prison groups (references on request).


My professional training in Yoga, Solution Focused Coaching, Creative Visualisation and Hypnotherapy provide a flexible and thorough approach to help with a wide range of problems.


Now, in my sixties, I have had to deal with and come through many difficulties and challenges.This experience enables me to understand and empathise with those who are in distress.


Sharon Armfield





Gentle Yoga Classes

Stroud Yoga Space ... Studio 1

Wednesdays 11.30 ~12.30pm


"Breathe in the quiet centre"

At the heart of this practice is the attention to the soft breath that flows through movement and stillness.

Gentle yoga calms an agitated mind and dissolves tension in the body.

You will enjoy greater ease of movement and flexibility.

You will gain balance and control.

You will experience the creativity and peace that arises from deep relaxation.


If you feel vulnerable and unsure about your ability to benefit from yoga then these classes are for you!


Hypnotherapy is offered as a pleasant and effective way of dealing with a wide range of fears and anxieties.

One to one therapy in Stroud.


Courses and Workshops bring together yoga, mindfulness and self hypnosis to promote self awareness and control.

h: 01453 767399 /  m: 07576 611902

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